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Sedation Dentistry in Calgary

If you experience tension, anxiety, or fear when visiting the dentist, you’re not alone. This kind of anxiety is common, which is why your dentist at Canyon Creek Dental Clinic practice a variety of sedation dentistry techniques. We want you to enjoy amazing oral health without pain or anxiety.

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Oral Sedation

We can prescribe oral sedation medication if you suffer from anxiety or nervousness regarding an upcoming dental procedure. You can take this medication before coming in for your visit so that you can feel relaxed and comfortable during treatment. Ask your dentist about getting an oral sedation medication for your upcoming treatment.

Nitrous Oxide

For cases that require stronger anxiety and pain relief, we offer nitrous oxide. This safe gas will make you feel calm, happy, and completely relaxed. During your procedure, you won’t feel any pain or stress. In fact, you’ll feel euphoric! After the nitrous oxide is taken away, the effects of the gas wear off quickly, so you can go about your day as normal.

Call Canyon Creek Dental Clinic to ask about your sedation dentistry options.