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Periodontics in Calgary

We want you to have a long and happy life of perfect oral health - and the only way to achieve that is through preventative care. Alongside education on how to properly care for your teeth, Canyon Creek Dental Clinic provides periodontics services to help you stay proactive about gum disease or treat it when necessary.

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When a piece of tissue connecting the gums to the mouth is too tight, discomfort, gap teeth, and other issues may occur. With a frenectomy, this tissue is surgically removed, usually reversing these effects.

Scaling and Root Planing

Special tools are used to scrape away hardened plaque and tartar that can eat away at your enamel and lead to decay if left untreated. To make sure your gums sit flat against the sides of your teeth, this buildup must also be removed from right below the gum line. This prevents gum irritation, gum disease, and eventual cavities.


A compromised tooth that is damaged beyond repair can endanger the other teeth around it and put your entire oral health at risk. In this situation, the best thing to do is to extract the tooth. This is done under anesthesia. After the tooth is removed, the socket will be filled with a special material to prevent tissue from collapsing. Options for continued treatment include dental bridges or implants to replace the missing tooth.

Call us today to inquire about periodontics treatments and stay proactive about your oral health.

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